Document Management System plays a vital role in capturing, storing, indexing and retrieval of documents . Document Management System results in managing the documents effectively, which reduces the time and effort involved in figuring the document.Document Management System converts all physical documents into Digital Form and stores in more intelligent manner to store securely and retrieve quickly.

Why you need Digital Documentation system?

Define & enforce process consistency for your business Scale up your operation & reduce operational risk Avoid missing data with controlled document managed system Realise your thought process into action Unified information repository for all type of data


  • Manage physical documents, e-files & online documents
  • Integrated Scanning system that increases productivity
  • Supports unlimited documents
  • Manage document with Integrated Scanning, Imaging, OCR, ICR
  • User based control for making a document confidential in nature
  • Browser based Search & Retrieval screen
  • Supports all major image file-types (tiff, jpeg, gif, PDF)
  • Provides flexible and powerful access control management
  • Role based User Management System Document can be categorized such as Public View, Department View and specified user
  • Improved internal operations due to improved flow of information
  • Better error control mechanism to ensure data integrity


  • Integrated Scanning system that increases productivity
  • Improved cash flow due to increased productivity of processing document-based process such as invoices, debt collection, etc
  • No missing files due to controlled document managed system
  • Create competitive edge with other competitors by controlled document management


Digital Document Management System includes the following functionalities:

  • Document Preparation
  • Document Scanning
  • Document Indexing
  • Search & Retrieval
  • (Search Particular/required documents)


Digital Document Management System can handle the following type of documents:

  • Basic DMS Application with OCR Feature
  • Basic DMS Application with OCR/ICR Feature
  • Basic DMS Application with OCR/ICR Feature and Multi Index Feature
  • Basic DMS Application with OCR/ICR/OMR Form Reader


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