The Power of Biometric Fingerprint Locks

It may look or sound like something you would see in a spy movie, but replacing your regular lock with one that features biometric fingerprint access is now an affordable reality for consumers.  Bring your security into the 21st century with the cutting-edge technology of an Nibav biometric fingerprint lock, where the only key you’ll need is your fingerprint!  Nibav truly brings together strength, simplicity, and reliability.  With Nibav, you will never worry about finding or losing your keys again.  This means no more fumbling around in the dark for your keys, or worst yet, being locked out.

How does Biometric Technology Work?

To gain entry with a biometric fingerprint door lock, your fingerprint is scanned by sensors that identify the specific mapping of your fingerprint, which have already been pre-programmed and marked by computer algorithms and stored in a database.  Once your fingerprint is scanned, access is granted within seconds.  Therefore, only the people pre-authorized can successfully pass a biometric reader. That's the magic of it all!  There is no key, key card, or number sequence to deal with which can all be passed around or easily stolen.

Do I Really Need a Biometric Fingerprint Lock? 

  1. Why yes, of course!  First, there is convenience.  A keyless entry gets rid of having to fumble around to look for your keys.  No more looking for the right key either.  With a simple fingerprint you can gain instant access to your home.

  2. Second, the fingerprint lock also allows access for multiple users, including your children.  Young children have little fingers which may have trouble opening a lock.  Now all a kid has to do is press their finger to gain entry into the home. 

  3. And finally, the fingerprint lock is low maintenance.  The Nibav 788 only requires 4 AA batteries and is easy to install, not to mention easy to program and easy to use. 

Remember, the duplication of fingerprint technology is virtually impossible.  The act of photocopying a fingerprint that you may have seen in the movies is make-believe!  Biometric technology proves to be security that cannot be lost, replicated, or stolen.  Upgrade today from a traditional door lock to a biometric fingerprint lock – it’s a smart investment.