sep 2008
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In the sep 2008 issue of "Cheers" a private magazine , a write up about Nibav Rupee saver could be found on the 7th page. The write up sums up Nibav Rupee Saver as a whole, the conception, the features and much more.

Blood Donation from NIBAV IT Solutions

08th Sep 2008
Courtesy By: NIBAV IT Solutions

Lions Blood Bank & Research Foundation Madras Egmore conducted a free blood donation camp on 08/09/2008 in the NIBAV IT solutions Limited Premises. Employees from NIBAV IT Solutions Limited actively participated in the camp, and received a certificate of appreciation. NIBAV appreciates and welcomes the participation of its employees for a noble cause. If you too wish to participate in the blood donation camp then please feel free to contact Lions Blood Bank on their toll free num (1910). You too can save the life of a needy patient.

Future Perfect

08th Sep 2008
Courtesy By: NIBAV IT Solutions

As India celebrates 61 years of independence, the younger generation does what it takes to save for a rainy day

Jayashree A

What's independance without financial freedom? The security of a bright future, freedom from debt and the ability to do what one wants to is, for most Indians, the dream-come-true picture. It isn't just adults that are working towards this; the younger generation has admirably caught up with the trend. We find out more.

Varun Ramesh like any other 23-year-old enjoys music, movies, trekking, going out for coffee and the like. Rather incongruously, one might think, his interests include investing. Varun is a part of the new-age wave of investors. They may not have reached their thirties,yet they're acutely conscious of how to play around with their money to earn the best possible return.

"Youngsters today have seen their parents and how they've handled their savings," explains Vikram R, Associate Vice-President of one of India's leading multinational banks. "The previous generation would have invested predominantly in gold and deposits, not wanting to burn their fingers while taking a risk. Today, it's very different," he adds. People aren't interested in day trading or cashing in on temporary market swings. They are interested in developing their own portfolios. They're also willing to take risks to secure long-term financial stability.

"It's a new but healthy trend," says Hebri Dinesh Nayak, Branch Manager at Standard Chartered Bank, Chennai. "Many young couples now aren't looking at making money over two or three years. Instead the time frame they have in mind is 15 to 20 years. They invest in future companies or equities. Even if the value falls by ten or fifteen percent, it doesn't matter, since in the long run, the investment pays off."

Many banks today are providing advisory services that predominantly target the younger section of their clientele. However, their clients are also surprisingly well-informed. They've either read up on investment tips or followed the stock market on television. "I have an engineering background but that didn't stop me from following the business world," says Varun, "I might be young but in the next 20 years, I want to handle my money in such a way that I don't have to worry about paying off loans or debts. I want to take international holidays and that will only be possible if I work on making my money grow now."

High-risk investment avenues seem to be the most popular, while others like gold and fixed deposits are clearly passť. The new generation is now looking at options like the commodity market, direct equities or thematic mutual funds, which target a particular sector. "There's a deviation from the historically performing avenues to other ones," says Krishna Sundaresan, a 26-year-old analyst at a financial services company. "A lot of people go through agencies but some prefer to strike out on their own, it saves on commission. This means doing a lot of homework but it's usually worth it".

.What is the mantra for these young investors? "You need to be willing to wait," says Vikram promptly, "When you're investing in something as high-risk as equity, there's no point in pulling out in a few years since the markets are dipping".

Ekambaram G V, a Financial Consultant talks about some of the safest places to invest in, "Gold and land are timetested investment avenues that will not fail one. Besides, youngsters should also invest in tax saving mutual fund schemes and insurance policies."

Balajee G E, a 27-yearold mutual funds consultant, tells us what he does to save. "I invest in mutual funds regularly, besides buying shares of good companies, especially when the market is down," he adds, "As always there is good old, reccuring deposit account that is the most basic for anyone looking to save."

Today's youth are not only diversifying their income but also think realistically about what will help them in the future. Take Aarthi Vishwanathan , a 22-year-old software engineer for example, who has joined a "Jewellery Savings Scheme besides investing in the stock market and mutual funds" instead of putting all her eggs in one basket.

However, too many people have burnt their fingers trying to manipulate the market to their advantage. Crashing markets, cheated by 'chit' funds, we've heard of many that have lost their life savings because of one wrong move. Sunil Subramaniam, Executive Director of Sundaram BNP Paribas has a few words of caution in light of the fluctuating market trends: "It can be a dangerous sector to play around in with hardhitting consequences. Just as one would go to a doctor to treat ailments, one should go to an investment advisor for professional guidance. Play it safe."

Financial ndependence will be the most important goal of Gen Next as they try to resist the urge to splurge and invest for a hassle-free future. Taking calculated risks and taking into account expert's opinions one can easily work towards a free tomorrow.


1. Computation of top five funds taken into account while arriving at the yearly return on investment.

2. Returns as of 5 August and no entry load charged for direct applications to fund houses.

* The ROI depends on the type of fund.

** Interest rate varies depending on the scheme and deposit.

*** Interest rate varies depending on the scheme and deposit.


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