Purchase Management System V4.0

Purchase Management System is a business program that provides easy and speedy management of entire purchase orders for your organizations. Purchase Management system is used to create and print standard and generic printable purchase orders, Layouts of purchase order contracts or approval form for your business quickly and easily. Purchase Management system saves your valuable time and money.

Why you need Purchase Management System ?

  • Save up to 15% on procurement cost
  • Shorter order and Delivery Time
  • Lowered cost of supplier participation
  • Rapid return on investment
  • Strike better pricing deal with vendors


  • Work flow system that connects all the departments pertaining to purchasing using this system
  • Fully automate the requisition-to-GRN process Complete workflow system that provides instant information of order status
  • Product Consumption Report that helps to analyze purchasing trends and evaluate suppliers to identify volume purchasing opportunities and gain leverage in negotiations
  • Split Purchase requisitions by line items and order to different Vendors - Results in getting right product with a right price and good quality of service
  • 3 Way Match between Purchase Requisition - Purchase Order - GRN
  • Possible to extent to our myeprocurement system where the buyer interacts with seller to exchange purchasing status instantly
  • Create purchase requisitions and route them for approval in work flow
  • Database backup and restore will be easier.

Key Modules

  • Product Group Management
  • Products Management
  • Vendor Management

  • - Vendor Rating Report (Total Order Vs QC Approved with automated system ranking)
  • Purchase Requisitions Approval/Reject
  • Enquiry Module
  • - One Purchase Requisition to Multiple Enquiry
    Multiple Purchase Requisition to One Enquiry
  • Quotation Module
  • Purchase Order Module

  • - One Purchase Requisition to Multiple Purchase Order
    - Multiple Purchase Requisition to One Purchase Order
  • GRN Module
  • Reports Module

Supplier Management System V4.0

An online procurement application for suppliers which works based on dynamic work flow control and thereby automates the sales process. It helps suppliers to set up a variable pricing scheme for their customers through easy product management and product assignment interface. It helps to control orders based on product availability. Various reports including ageing reports helps to run the sales business efficiently and helps to reduce the order processing cost by 70%.

Why you need Supplier Management System ?

  • High visibility of Customer buying pattern
  • Quick response to Customer with Real Time synchronisation
  • Shorter order and delivery time
  • Reduce order error rate with Streamline Order Processing
  • Quick Time to Market to improve your sales efforts
  • Take better decisions based on facts rather than be subjective
  • Your best & trusted sales person for your product


  • Dynamic work flow control
  • Variable pricing scheme for Customers
  • Control/Restrict product order based on availability
  • SMS alert on receiving a new order
  • Allows partial delivery for one purchase order
  • Ageing analysis report to track payments
  • Integration with all major ERP and procurement systems


  • Broadcast your new product release & special promotion
  • Generate outstanding order status Anytime/Anywhere
  • Avoid potential business loss due to stock out at Customer side
  • Customer can access system to place & track orders
  • Forecast your production based on buying trend
  • Web application, no desktop installation
  • Reduce dependency on physical location


  • Easy management of Purchase and Sales order record details of small, large and other type of business organizations.
  • Efficiently manages the customers, vendors and company purchase order database records.
  • Facilitate to track purchase and sale order number and payment details in the easiest way.
  • Rapid return on investment
  • Streamlines and organizes the entire purchasing process of the business organizations.


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